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Self Cleaning Glass

Too Busy to Clean your Windows?

The making of a house a home is a woman’s greatest objective. It is not a simple task. However there are ways to help make cleaning easier.

Cleaning windows is a drag to all housewives and most of them prefer to hire somebody to do the task for them.
Housekeepers never smile when it comes to cleaning windows as it is a long,tedious and difficult task.

Cleaning windows is an art and one has to understand the make-up of glass and why it is so difficult to clean windows. Glass being porous and uneven causes dirt and grime to embed itself into the lower portions of the glass surface and is very difficult to clean properly.

If one looks at our Kleen-Shield article on our website, one can see the procedure required when cleaning glass, as well as the benefits thereof. Kleen-Shield is a revolutionary new product designed to coat clean glass on the inside and outside,thereby reducing the maintenance of glass by 90%. This liquid coating forms a skin over the glass surface and all future dirt and grime will stick to the skin and not to the glass surface.

Cleaning glass with this new type coating turns ordinary glass into self-cleaning glass.When water is sprayed on the glass after application,water rolls off the glass in bead form and picks up all the dirt particles.This is now known as “self cleaning glass” and is being utilised by military and airforces around the world.

Another advantage of Kleen-Shield is that it improves visibility by 50% during the rainy season as the water forms transparent beads and simply runs off the glass, improving visibility. For this reason we strongly recommend this product for offices, homes and motor vehicles.


Self Cleaning


Interior applications of Kleen-Shield will last indefinitely.However, exterior applications will need to be resurfaced due to heavy weathering and wear and tear on the outside of windows. Exterior applications can last between 6 months and two years, depending on area and location.

Kleen-Shield is proving to be very popular in the Cape where cleaning windows is a pain in the butt due to sea air which also stains glass. All coastal areas will eventually realise the amazing benefits this products offers and sales in these areas will improve as time goes on.

Cleaning windows is not fun but is definitely necessary to make for a safer and better living environment as well as an improved view to the outside world.


Kleenshield Self Cleaning Glass