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Toyota taking a chop in the smash & grab

Toyota taking a chop in the smash & grab

Toyota Taking “A Chop” in the Smash & Grab Window Film Business

Klingshield News
Johannesburg South Africa June 2011

Thinking back 40 years, who would ever have believed that Toyota would take an interest in “smash & grab” window film for cars, as a second gross? Walking the streets from dealer to dealer, presenting to them the importance and necessity of safety window film for car windows in the 1970’s was a difficult task and a hard sale.

Klingshield as a company has been installing window film since the early 70’s when ”tint” became the “in thing”. Smash & Grab safety film was developed by Klingshield in conjunction with CP Films utilising a dyed film laminated to a 100 micron safety film. This film was chosen as it was very user friendly and offered the best finish one could expect from safety window film applications to motor car windows.

Many USA manufacturers offer good safety film – high visual qualities, aggressive adhesive weight. This technology turns ordinary glass into high performance safety and solar glass. Glass windows in cars are a high risk area and manufacturers have come to realise how important it is for them to ensure the safety of their cars by having “smash & grab” safety film applied to the car windows.

Numerous car manufacturers have now issued part numbers for “smash & grab” window film for their car windows. Certain US brands have been chosen due to their longevity and testing procedures that the products have been through. Toyota in South Africa have done their own tests and feasibility studies through their Engineering Departments to ensure that they only offer the best tested products available.

Window film manufacturers around the world should be involved in discussions with car manufacturers demonstrating thorough testing on all aspects of window film and the value offered to human beings when it comes to safety and sun control. Some manufacturers are losing out as they do not realise the importance of understanding the value that window film offers to the world.

The second gross move by car manufacturers is a blow to entrepreneurs in the window film business.
The art of application of
safety window film to car windows requires absolute dedicated, professional installers, as well as high quality visually clear polyester 100 micron installed with passion and patience.

Quality control at various levels is part of the procedure of application to ensure that only the best quality film to glass applications leaves our treatment centre. Each and every car window receives special attention.

Who would ever believe when we started out in the early days that this industry would become so important to car manufacturers. Our visit to Toyota yesterday was an experience.

The reason we landed up there was because our Toyota Dealership customers advised us that Toyota has now stepped in to the picture and we need to meet with Toyota to discuss how we can continue to offer an excellent window film service. We have been privileged to be able to offer a service of securing Toyota motor car windows over the past 40 years.

We have always used the best product available to us over these years. We have tested most manufacturers window film in our testing farms and research and development departments.

Due to our longevity and knowledge in the window film industry, we are confident that we will be able to continue to do business with Toyota for the next 40 years.