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Tracing Technology

Tracing Technology as a Theft Deterrent.

First cars, now personal home equipment and appliances need indelible ink markings with the new Identi-dot system by Klingshield. This system will come into play in a big way in the future especially as it has now been made law that all new cars or cars registered from September this year will require the Identi-dot to enable owners to register their vehicles. Fifteen thousand dots are applied to 88 different parts of the car using ultra violet adhesive to protect the dots.  Each dot carries identification of a micro size lazer etched with the cars vin number and identification of the owner. The numbers in the dots are invisible and are only visible under a special magnifying lens.
The beauty of our system is that nobody will be able to remove all the dots, which give the police a chance of identifying the owner and returning the vehicle to the owner.
The system is either a paint on or spray system and the information is entered onto data base for easy reference. This allows the police to return the goods to the owner if it is recovered after being stolen.
It also makes the asset difficult to sell as it will always remain with the identification markings. If the goods are stolen the consumer enters it as stolen on the data base and it becomes hot property on the register which will be circulated to the law enforcement officers.
With this system, Second Hand car dealers will easily be able to check out the rightful owner of the vehicle and be assured that they are not dealing in stolen vehicles.

Sun Stop
Farmers are starting to mark their live stock with Identi -dot.
Construction companies are starting to mark their tools and homeowners are marking their lawnmowers, swimming pool cleaners, boats and bicycles.
The list can go on and on and the fact that we live in a country that has the biggest crime rate, this is definitely a product of the future.