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Johannesburg Solar City

Turning Johannesburg into a Solar City

With the birth of new solar cities worldwide, consumers must learn how to utilise the energy of the sun to their maximum advantage. Imagine a whole building or home powered by the sun.

The roofs of homes and buildings will have a new function in the future. This function will be responsible for collecting the free energy from the sun and turning it into a power source to run buildings.

These new photovoltaic panels or made of thin film technology, will capture the heat source that is freely available from the sun, store it and distribute the energy to run buildings.

Many companies around the world are making major breakthroughs in solar energy technology which is now available at affordable prices on a large scale. GE reports that they have the most efficient solar panels and these will be popping up all over the place in new solar projects that are being introduced to many cities around the world.

Building structures will generate power to keep airconditioning units running as well as heating pumps to warm spaces in winter. Solar and “green” building education is being seriously taken by many major conglomerates throughout the world and is becoming vogue in the United States and Europe. Financial incentives are available to consumers to install these systems according to solar energy experts.

Times have changed and new energy projects will be substantial in Johannesburg in the near future.

Renewable energy will also influence the designs of buildings in the future as the climate has an effect on us and our environment. Without constant solar radiation the renewable energy source called the sun and other climate events would not occur nor would life be known as the planet.

In the future, when one flies over Johannesburg, rooftops will be covered in solar panels and perhaps the name will be changed from “Egoli” to “Solar City” and numerous buildings will be run from the source of the sun.

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