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Content in Window Film Tinting

The Value of Content in the Window Film Tinting Business

Advertising and marketing plays a vital role in informing the public about Klingshield’s range of products. Editorial coverage was used by Klingshield, prior to the internet, by public relations companies and today it is known as “content” in the internet world.

Content is a message that cannot be paid for as in advertising. Content coverage carries a certain weight of it’s own and adds integrity and continuity to a company and it’s product ranges.

Mentioning the product brand in editorial (feature articles) adds status and respectability and of course it also helps to register the name in the consumer’s mind.

Google, Yahoo and other internet search engines are very responsive to facts presented by professional content gurus. Content can be written in a number of ways, mixing and matching, telling your own story and always giving honest facts..

A certain message can be pushed by chief content officers to get more value out of information. One has to learn the rules on how to produce content by having an enhanced vision. Good up-to-date information makes for good reading and strong brand building and enhancement.

The media as a whole is indulged each day by press releases and information from companies and manufacturers eager to obtain free publicity. One must be aware that all media strives on news. Google is a “content” company which searches for new and original stories to inform their consumers of the latest, greatest, who’s who in the zoo information.

Here are some ideas that might help you establish a good relationship with your local media and search engines who will benefit from some good editorial news coverage.

There are hundreds of small local and community media groups online and offline, that welcome information from people in a particular area. Plan to contact your local media as often as possible with newsworthy stories about some aspect of your window tinting business industry, nationally and internationally or just in your area.

There are different stories to be told from each installation. In addition, if anything happens that you feel is worthy of attention or you discover interesting news worldwide, use it in your article but refer to the source.

The way you contact your local media and search engines is important. Klingshield have a compliment of staff who report, photograph and video events that could be newsworthy.

Unless some very newsy event is taking place it is unlikely that a photographer will be despatched. However Klingshield has its own editorial staff and photographers to ensure we capture the moment.

Editorials and articles must state the bear basic facts with a contact details on the bottom. Should the media require any further information or an interview they will contact you.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook is also a good idea as this plays a role in providing newsflashes on an ongoing basis.

There is no point in pushing details in a story that has already appeared or is old news or coping other sites content. It is better to rewrite by planning your editorial and supplying interesting pieces of your own information that will enlighten the market place.

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