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Value from your Advertising Spend

Value from your Window Tinting Advertising Spend

This is the area where the owner of a window film business must be very precise and ensure that they reach their objectives according to a budget and controls.
Careful sales analysis must be chartered for the past years. If yours is a new business, try to get the information from another window film dealer in another area who can give you some collective information and experience.

The advertising budget should be at least 10% of the anticipated sales. The money that is spent will ensure that your brand awareness is visible, as well as introduce your business with below the line advertising to create a demand which will be turned into sales.

However if you over-budget and don’t spend wisely by testing various media, the overheads will create pressure and you will be one of the statistics of new business ventures collapsing due to poor control and wasted money on advertising.
Once you have established a budget you should spend it evenly across the year, always consulting your sales chart.
There will be a period of major activity in summer as this is a peak selling period in the window film business. Bear in mind that one needs to up their advertising during the winter months.



In the window film business we are fortunate enough to be able to utilise our products in various sections of the market. Window film being a product utilised in offices, homes and cars is a great advantage, as we can advertise and promote in all these sectors.

Safety film is also a necessity when it comes to saving lives and reducing injuries, and once again is also designed to be applied to windows in homes, offices and cars, to turn ordinary glass into shatterproof glass.

From my experience, the best results are always measured by the number of either copies of magazines and newspapers published and not read. Most publishing houses supply a verified certificate to ensure the number of printed copies.

Target marketing is also viable when dealing with corporate, as one can target the safety officer or the transport manager or the environmental department to ensure that the correct person is contacted who is able to make a decision should they have a use for your product.

It is easier to get into the auto tinting market as one can target the dealerships within ones area. Certain insurance needs to be in place when working on and driving dealership’s cars. This insurance is very expensive. However it is a necessity, as even if one car gets hijacked whilst driving it to a tinting centre, the window tinting could be held liable and this could put them out of business. The fact that you have insurance to cover this can be advertised and thus give the dealerships peace of mind.

Marketing and advertising is a very complex subject and one needs to have experience when spending the company’s money to ensure that the advertising becomes an investment and offers an excellent return to the benefit of the company.

For further information on advertising, marketing and how to run a window film business in general please consult our website.