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Way forward in the Window Film Business

 Way forward in the Window Film Business

Way forward in the window film business

Klingshield Window Film News- The Way forward in the Window Film Business
Johannesburg, South Africa

After 38 years of selling uncountable rolls of window tinting film and installing hundreds of thousands of square metres of solar and safety film in the commercial and residential markets, as well as extensive marketing of window films, Klingshield, the pioneers of the window film industry in South Africa, are pleased to announce that we can now offer an extensive range of the latest technology high performance films.

Window films are available in a range from non reflective, reflective high performance, sputter coated, solar safety films, Nano Ceramic films, hybrid films and front windscreen films. Non reflective films are films that have been dyed and laminated with adhesive and is an entry level window film.

Sputter coated films use titanium and other metals to create high quality reflective films with good visible light availability.

Solar safety window films is a combination of clear safety film laminated to non reflected dyed film. However new safety film available on the world market offers high performance safety films i.e. high performance as above, laminated to the clear safety film.

Nano Ceramic coatings are manufactured utilising ceramic in conjunction with Nano technology. Numerous coatings are utilised in the manufacture of these new generation window films. Nano technology offers a 91% infra red heat rejection and is far superior to any other window film on the market today.

In all ranges of film we have the equivalent in a light, medium or dark shade. The darker the shade, the better the glare rejection. Glare is a huge problem in offices, homes and cars. Blinding winter sunlight is very unpleasant when one travels in the direction of the sun.

Window film applied to your front windscreen will offer you excellent value for your money, in that you will cut down on airconditioning costs and save on fuel. Most of the heat entering into cars comes through the front window. New clear Nano technology window film offers excellent heat rejection with maximum light penetration when applied to front windscreens.

Smart car salesmen in dealerships throughout our customer base sell a complete Klingshield package of window film for all the car windows (including the windscreen) to wise car buyers.

A new product launched by Klingshield is Kleen-Shield, a liquid glass coating which reduces cleaning of windows by 90%, as well as giving your windows a bright, sparkling “new look”. The sparkle in your windows will be easy to maintain! For many years there has been an old saying “I will clean the house, but I am not cleaning windows”.

Glass being porous and also with an uneven surface when viewed with a magnifying glass, attracts dust, organic and inorganic, contamination and other various particles.

We have had Kleen-Shield in our research and development laboratory over the last 20 years. We understand the value of this product and are now ready to supply the market of offices, homes and cars with Kleen-Shield liquid coating which remains on the glass indefinitely and also acts as a scratch resistant coating. With driving conditions as they are, clean car windows are an absolute treat, as well as improving your visibility when driving

Kleen-Shield is available in 5 litre containers for commercial use. Sample kits are available to consumers for testing.

We have many other innovation products to be launched soon – keep a lookout!! We will endeavour to stay in front and be the most innovative and proud Window Film Company.

We will continue to sell rolls of window film and install a full range of window films to offices, homes and cars into the future and are here to stay!

For further information please view our website or contact us.