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What is Window film?

What is Klingshield Window Film?

Architects and designers include lots of window openings in most buildings without worrying about heat build up or energy costs.

The trend toward open plan and double volume spaces is very popular in modern times and this concept brings the outdoors inside. High ceilings with window treatments have become the standard in most new constructions. Today's commercial buildings, homes and even cars utilize more glass than ever before.

As attractive as these open plans are, owners, builders and managers are increasingly concerned about the many side effects these openings create.

This ranges from excessive glare, heat build-up,higher energy costs and of course, the costs to replace the rapid deterioration and fading of expensive furnishing, carpets ,wooden floor ,coverings and curtains and all other styles of window drapes.
In short, everybody loves the glass product, but not all the problems associated with it. Instead of using or replacing the glass with expensive solar safety glass they use the Klingshield range of window coatings.

Klingshield is a company who have been around for over 40 years and have been solving window related problems in South Africa in commercial, residential and automotive markets. Klingshield offer a complete range of products that will change the performances of glass, still allowing them to remain focal points and at the same time increasing comfort inside spaces and lowering overall costs.

In future one can design all the windows one wants and then protect them with window film and enjoy all the benefits that Klingshield window films offers.

Window films are high performance polyester films that are applied directly to glass surfaces. Klingshield window films are laminations of strong polyester film, dyed and metalized coatings which are bonded by adhesives to the glass that provide significant solar and safety installation for all types of glass. Films are available in a clear or coloured in various finishes and styles and can fit in with all design schemes
High tech films are manufactured using state of the art equipment that dye, sputter and metalize in different processes within all types of metal alloys to base films in numerous layers which are assembled and finished with a very strong scratch resistant coating. Klingshield films are available in clear, non reflective, semi-reflective, reflective, translucent and opaque finishes.

By applying these micro-thin films to glass and glass doors, troublesome problems associated with the popular opening and look and feel can now be controlled. Depending on the film selected, Klingshield energy control solar window films can cut from 12 to 95% of the incoming light, eliminating up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet radiation to protect the furnishing and fabrics, and cut up to 90% of the solar heat gain through the glass.

This is why more and more architects and designers are specifying Klingshield sun control window films.

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