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White Translucent Sandblast Film

White Translucent/Sandblast Window Film

White translucent window film has a similar appearance to sandblasted glass. However, the white translucent window film is in fact a better product than sandblast because if water is splashed on it, it does not go clear. Sandblast in rainy conditions goes blotchy and does not look appealing.
White sandblast translucent film is always applied to the inside of glass and is utilised by interior designers where daytime and night time privacy is required in certain circumstances.
The beauty of this film is that it still allows the natural light to come in and does not create dark areas. Once applied, it gives a soft white appearance internally and externally and is very popular in office partitions.
This film can be handcut to create logos and designs and is utilised by many banks for exterior windows, creating privacy as well as improving the design of exterior glass.
White translucent film is applied with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesion and holds glass together should a window be broken or shattered for any reason.
The white translucent window film is designed for interior applications and should not be applied externally as the film will break down in a short period of time.
We offer a seven year internal warranty. In fact I personally have this film applied to my bathroom windows which I installed some 16 years and it is still looking like the day I installed it and has worked like a dream to give me the privacy I require in my bathroom, while still allowing ample light into this space.
Specifications for White Translucent Window Film


  • Heat reduction 28%
  • Glare reduction 22%
  • Ultra violet rejection 98%
  • Shading co-efficient 0,82
  • Light transmitted 69%
  • U Value 6.19


  • Interior film for interior design work
  • Can be computer cut for designed logos or lettering
  • Gives total privacy day and night
  • Gives soft white appearance internally and externally
  • Economical alternative to acid edged or sandblasted glass
  • Strengthens glass for added safety
This film can be applied to clear float glass, laminated, tinted float glass, toughened or wired glass. However, on wire glass samples must be applied to ensure that the film adheres to the smooth surface of wire glass.
Sometimes glaziers install wire glass with the rough surface on the inside. This film will not adhere to rough surfaces of wire glass.
White translucent film has a seven year interior application warranty and is not recommended for exterior applications.