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Window Film Market Getting Saturated?


Having been involved in the self-adhesive window film coating market for over 45 years, I am astounded to read and discuss with other players in the industry who cry foul, that it is getting more difficult to find prospects who require our products and services!

I say this not true. I agree that every man and his dog has jumped into our industry because they know one needs a spray bottle, a scraper, a squeegee and a roll of window film and they think they can be in business.  Off you go on your bicycle, find hot customers sweating it out in their offices, homes or cars, slap silver film on their windows and collect some easy money!

It does not work like that. I have news for them. Many thousands all over the world have tried this before and fallen flat on their faces. The window film industry has become a sophisticated business and slapping a piece of film on a window does not solve the customer’s problem or offer a professional service which consumers expect from a highly technical energy product that window film coating has matured into in today’s world.

The first thing one must realise is that there is a large range of Klingshield window films available.
The reason for this is that no problem is the same and different films offer different effects and solve different window-related problems. Window films stop heat from the sun passing through windows in various degrees. Window films stop from 20% to 95% of the heat from passing through glazing material once it has been applied.

There are different strokes for different folk and window film consultants need to
evaluate the client’s needs and preferences and help them make a decisive decision as to which film will be most suitable.

Window film stops up to 88% of the glare.  Once again, one needs to evaluate the amount of light one can afford to lose and it is important to compromise between available light and reduction in glare.

Ultra violet is the part of the solar spectrum that we can all live without.  This part of the sun’s rays cause havoc with everything in it’s path!  First of all, it causes skin cancer.  Secondly, it destroys and fades furnishings and fabrics. Thankfully all Klingshield window films stop 99% of ultra violet.

Stop Glare

Glass is an amazing product with fantastic properties.  It’s clarity is mind blowing and it offers shelter from the environment, bringing the inside and outside together.  It allows light to pour into buildings and gives a feeling of openness.  It has one major problem when it breaks.  It shatters and causes injury to humans and damage to property.

An explosion or any pressure will cause it to fly about, cut humans to pieces and destroy property.

Looking back throughout the past year, bombs exploded in different cities in different parts of the world.  Rioters smashed shop windows, smash and grab attacks occurred in luxury stores in major cities, a child fell through window in high rise building, children got hurt in school from broken glass, death from heat waves, New York bomb plot, windscreen window film saved driver’s life, cooling and heating of buildings account for 25% of wasted energy, letter bomb sent to Deutsch Bank Chief, higher shade of green in LA Auto Show, window film offers more efficient ways to run fleets of cars, dozens dead in Nigeria Christmas bomb blast, companies held liable for skin cancer of worker, and the news reports go on and on!

In each one of these situations, one can become creative and look into the opportunities to promote window film as a necessary precaution to avoid the disastrous effects in these situations. Therefore if window film company owners anywhere in the world do not see opportunity in this industry, they have their eyes closed and do not deserve to be in this business.

Opportunities knock everywhere from offices, homes and the car market!  Wherever there is a piece of glass there is the possibility of a sale. Whether it be to stop the sunlight or to turn ordinary glass into shatterproof glass.

Neutral Film

Don’t forget all the old installations carried out over the past 45 years. Each one has a life expectancy and a use by date.  So let us get off our butts and start generating some interest.  There are uncountable windows that need to be coated for various reasons.

Window film entrepreneurs need to catch a big wake-up and stop waiting for clients to knock on their doors.  They need to be creative in their marketing ideas and bring the value of window film to the consumer’s notice!


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