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Who’s got the coolest car in town?

Who’s got the coolest car in town?
Who’s Got the Coolest Car in Town
Car Window Tinting News By Klingshield
Sandton Johannesburg South Africa April 2011
“Who’s got the coolest car in town?” – thanks to Klingshield! Stay cool when the heat’s on. On a hot sunny day in South Africa when you car has been parked out in the sun, you open the door and wow, it’s like a furnace. The heat bowls you over. Your seat and steering wheel are almost too hot to touch. This applies not only to our “summer” sun, but also to our “winter” sun. You feel extremely irritated and uncomfortable and this in turn affects your driving.

Relax!!! Advanced window coating, window tinting and
glass coating technology by Klingshield will change everything. Once applied to all your car windows, including the front windscreen, everything changes. You get into a cool, glare-free, comfortable car and your car takes on a new slick look.
Eliminate glare, reduce upholstery damage and drive in a cool car, feeling refreshed and energised. Because Klingshield’s car tinting reduces the glare, it is like driving with a quality pair of Gucci Sunglasses that works for you whenever the sun shines.

Klingshield’s car window tinting prolongs upholstery and car interior’s life cycle.
The harmful ultra violet rays that eat away at your upholstery are reflected away and kept out.
After years you will not see cracking of leather as you would in a car that has not been protected with window film. You can save money in the long run on replacement costs of upholstery and trimmings. Of course, without glare you drive in comfort as well as being safer and at night you have reduced the glare from bright lights.

Klingshield solar control car window coating is light years ahead of its competitors. With today’s new technology, Nano Ceramic window film offers the best protection in the market place with a 91% infra red heat rejection. Window tinting reduces glare dramatically and also reduces heat most effectively. Again you save money in view of the fact that your airconditioning does not have to work overtime and you therefore also save money on petrol. Maintenance and air gas is also reduced.

Klingshield sun control window tinting for cars keeps car interiors in showroom condition, protecting your investment and improving your resale value.

The results of advanced space age Nano Ceramic technology will keep your car’s windows intact even in an accident. It also offers protection against smash and grabbers and is durable and has a patent scratch resistant surface that is optically clear and will look good for years to come.

Klingshield solar safety window film will not burn a hole in your wallet. Old technology safety film and new high performance Ceramic safety window films are available. Both work totally efficiently as a safety glazing material. However, the one reduces heat and glare more than the other and both come with written guarantees and best of all, the car tinting treatment is very economical and will fit in with most budgets.

Choose Nano Ceramic tint conditioning for your front windscreen. This treatment comes with a ten year guarantee on film and can be installed on your car before you take delivery. This low cost item can be included in your lease agreement as it will only cost you a few extra Rands each month.

Klingshield has an exclusive car treatment centre to offer other complimentary products to protect your new car’s investment. When deciding on your after-market add-on protections, one can consider Stone-Shield Paint Protection for all high wear and tear areas on the car, Fabric-Shield protection for all upholstery and carpets to resist staining from spills and Kleen-Shield the liquid glass coating product to reduce the maintenance of glass by 90% and also improve driving conditions during the rainy season, as it improves visibility by 50%.

For further information on window tinting, glass coating, window film, sun control window film, safety films, Kleen-Shield, Fabric Shield, smash and grab window films, windscreen window films, Stone-Shield paint protection film, please view our website under our articles page.