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Why Solar Control Window Film

Why Offices and Homes need Solar Control Window Film

People want to be comfortable and safe at the same time. Gone are the days when people were willing to close off or move away from desks next to windows, sun porches, picture windows because they were too hot in summer or too cold in winter. Nowadays with the cost of office space, people need to be able to use all their space in their homes and offices, every day of the year in total comfort and safety.

Unfortunately modern heating and cooling systems are very expensive to run and these conventional indoor temperature control systems are not always able to do the job. These systems do not help when it comes to glare in today’s modern technology homes and offices.

Air conditioning and Heating Systems – The problem of indoor comfort control cannot be solved simply by adjusting the thermostat of an air conditioning or heating unit. People can still be uncomfortable even when the indoor temperature is perfect in summer because they are exposed to direct sunlight (radiant solar heat coming through the window) in winter because their body heat naturally radiates towards colder areas near the window and literally all the heat “flies out the window”.

In other words, maintaining an acceptable year round comfort level is beyond the mechanical capabilities of our present heating and cooling systems. With today’s energy shortage, air conditioning and heating costs are threatening to exceed our economic capabilities.

Window Problems – Windows gain more heat in summer and lose more heat in winter than any other part of a building. The growing popularity of ever larger areas of glass in all types of buildings has eliminated much of the shading and insulating effect of walls and has thus compounded the problem. In an average building with average ceilings and wall insulation, gains of 45% to 70% of outdoor heat comes through glass doors and windows. Just 6 sq. metres of glass will emit 12 000 BTU’s of heat per hour when the sun is shining on them. It takes one ton of air conditioning to overcome 12 000 BTU’s of added heat.

In winter, more heat is lost through windows than through walls and ceilings combined. This makes heat loss through unprotected windows a major cause of high heating bills. The heat loss through a window of 12 sq. metres is three times greater than the heat loss through an attic ceiling measuring 100 sq. metres, and with insulation.

“Old Fashioned” Window Treatment - As we have seen, conventional air conditioning and heating systems are not wholly effective in combating indoor summer heat gain and winter heat loss. Nor are other traditional window treatments completely satisfactory.

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Awnings – Awnings do provide sun protection if properly vented, but they obstruct the view and cannot be used on any modern windows or doors and they also block out the light. Of course they do not help at all in winter.

Tinted Glass – Insulated or tinted glass does give some protection in summer by absorbing part of the outdoor heat ….. but not nearly enough. They provided very little winter protection.

Venetian Blinds, Shades, Drapes – These window treatments absorb the heat inside the room and cut out the light and view and most heat absorbed is reradiated back into the room offering very slight heat reduction.

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In other words, old fashioned protective window films work at best only part of the year and none of these systems work well enough to meet today’s rising demand for year round protection against heat gain and/or loss and these systems have one or more serious disadvantages ….. blocking the view, reducing the light input, high installation costs, high maintenance costs ….. in addition to very limited effectiveness.

Klingshield Reflective Window Film Works – Klingshield Reflective Window Film works all the time …… Summer and Winter. It is more efficient than any other system on the market as it can reflect 80% of the radiant solar heat that normally comes through clear glass. It stops up to 88% of blinding glare and 99.5% of ultra violet which reduces fading of all carpets, curtains and furnishings. This means saving on airconditioning costs and in winter preventing heat loss, and thereby saving on heating costs.

It does not shut out or distort the view from the inside looking out and the room seems to be lighter and more cheerful because blinds and drapes can be left open.

It requires no maintenance other than normal window cleaning.

Fact – The year round performance of Klingshield’s reflective films is superior to that of any other systems. It offers better comfort control in all seasons, no loss of natural lighting or view, lower energy costs, lower original costs, and lower maintenance costs. Plus Klingshield’s reflective solar control films has additional advantages no other treatment can offer. It shatterproofs glass and you have less sun fading of furniture and less danger of personal injury or vandalism resulting from broken windows.

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