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Why one Window Film Company over Another ?

Why one Window Film Company over Another ?

Why one Window Film Company over Another ?

Window Protection News
Johannesburg South Africa June 2011

Numerous entrepreneurs see window film as an easy business. A bit of film, a squeegee and a spray bottle and they think they are in business. This is a misconception as the window film industry is a complex, difficult business to operate in.

All industries in today’s world are over-traded and very competitive and this is very much a reality in the window film industry.

Window film dealers are required to have experience in many facets of glass, the cleaning thereof and glass treatments. “Glass is one of the wonder products of the world” as it links the inside to the outside. Light coming in from windows plays an important role in one’s working and living environment.

Numerous consumers over the years have complained about the installation of window film being too shiny or too dark. This is the reason why manufacturers have a whole array of products to satisfy different needs.

Window film installers do not fully understand the reason why so many products are available on the market. It is much easier to carry one product to satisfy all customers. However, this is not practical and at Klingshield we offer a range of 140 different products for this reason. We at Klingshield analyse the consumers window related problems and recommend to them the correct product for the correct application. This is the reason why consumers utilise or drive from one side of the city to the other to have their car windows installed with Klingshield’s high performance safety window film. It may be a schlepp, but consumers appreciate the fact that Klingshield uses the best products, offer the best installation techniques, with the longest warranties.

Window film is extremely competitive and the edge Klingshield has in the market place encourages car and home owners to buy from people who keep their promise throughout the warranty period. This is Klingshield’s secret of success, and has created enormous amounts of goodwill, and old customers keep coming back as they are always impressed if you surpass their expectations. 95% of all business done by Klingshield is from repetitive business and word of mouth recommendations, which in itself tells a story.

This is the reason why customers prefer Klingshield to it’s competitors, which in turn makes us the number one window film company in the South African market today. Window film companies from all over the world visit and view our website on a daily basis to keep up to date with all the latest information, technology and know how when it comes to window film.

At this point in time, we have over 250 pages of articles related to window film on our website and this will continue to grow as we offer our knowledge to the market place in a transparent manner to show the window film world that we have nothing to hide and only want to create goodwill and improve the window film industry as a whole. With 40 years experience “we have been around the block”, know the advantages and disadvantages of window films and will always strive to be in the forefront of the consumer.

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