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Glass Window Art and Deco Designs

Window Art and Deco Designs for Glass

Designer window film has been on the market for years. These self adhesive films once applied to glass change clear glass into all types of designer glass -from stripes to squares to mottled looks and much, much more.
Stained glass window films were first introduced in the market place by Klingshield in the early 80’s. These self adhesive films once installed onto the inside surface of the glass make windows look like original stained glass windows.
Recently Klingshield added a whole array of new window film designs to it's  range. These exciting new films are now available on a DIY basis, or fully installed by Klingshield installation teams. There is a complete range of flower designs from red roses ,geraniums, pansies to red poppies.  The stained glass range comes in blues, champagne yellow and diamonds. The translucent range comes in grey roster, spark frosted, pinks, Ariel frosted, green sparkled and blue sparkled.
Colour films in non-reflective window film finishes are now available on special import from our London Office and can transform the colour of any glazing. These films offer a coloured look while preserving the transparency of the glass.  Now available in sixteen colours, they can also be applied on top of each other to create different looks.  The widths of all these new products are 1.22m  wide. Colour are Azure blue, Black, Brown, Fuchsia, Lily, Mint Green ,Ocean blue, Orange, Pink, Prune, Raspberry, Spring Green, Turquoise blue, Vermillion red, Violet and Yellow.
Deco designs in the window film range include Solid- white, White decreasing, Frosted white translucent, Black transparent, White stripes of 13mm, Frosted stripes of 13mm,  Frosted stripes of 30mm and 3mm, Decreasing fine white stripes, Decreasing thick white stripes, Decreasing fine frosted stripes, Decreasing thick frosted stripes, Frosted stripes of 45 mm, Frosted waves of 45 mm, Cocoon, Frosted vertical curves , Broken glass frosted, Frosted trees, Frosted vertical stripes, frosted decreasing stripes.
A brand new range of window films are also available for the first time in South Africa known as Marking Window films. These films are ideal in areas where people could walk directly into glass. Glass is very dangerous and can cause injury when humans accidentally walk into this transparent substrate. These marking films are ideal and allow you to highlight completely clear partitions or glass in main public areas.  They are especially helpful in areas where partial or full coverage is not necessary.  They are used for entrance doors, automatic doors, offices, partitions, hospitals, airports, schools, workshops,t rain
stations, museums and much much more.  They come in Red circles of 10 cm, Frosted circles of 10cm, White stripes, Transparent blue, Transparent red, Frosted stripes, Frosted squares and  White squares.  The width of these Marking films is 5cm.
Another new product to the range is a clear window insulator window film.  Applied to the framing of the glazing, this transparent film enhances the existing system, to provide a very efficient thermal insulation at low temperatures while also acting as an anti-fog film. This product is installed by using double sided tape.
Please be advised that these products will take 14 days after deposits to arrive from our London Warehouse. they are all available as special custom orders.
For more information please contact us.