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Window Film and Paint Protection

Happy Customers with Stone-Shield

Driving to the airport today through traffic jams and on highways I realised how many cars were hovering around me and how many headlights were flashing in front of my eyes.

Prior to leaving the office earlier on, I communicated with a consumer who had just had his car’s “nose job” done and was ecstatic with the result. Been with Klingshield for over 20 years. Each flat part on the front of the car was hand traced to produce templates which were used to handcut the Stone-Shield paint protection film and then professionally applied it to the bodywork of the car. This installation took 5 hours to complete. Thick clear 200 micron polyurethane paint protection film had just been fitted by three expert fitters.

Paint Protection

Headlight tracings were also done and were pedantically adhered to the front lights of a Honda motor car that had come in for a Stone-Shield “nose job”. The application was done to perfection and the finish of the film on the car was virtually invisible. The quality of the film applied was absolute transparent without even a blemish.

We at Klingshield realise the potential and size of the market that needs to be catered for. Paint protection will play a vimportant part in protection of vehicles in the future. ery As the prices of cars increase and replacement of bumpers and headlights becomes a very expensive exercise indeed. Travellers and people who motor a lot pick up scratches, nicks and marks on their bumpers, headlights, bonnets and fenders, can now keep their cars looking new and maintaining it’s resale value.


Paint Protection