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Window Film Association

The International Window Film Association

The International Window Film Association’s (IWFA) goal is three-fold. The association focuses on valuable service for all of their members, helps to grow and sustain members’ businesses and tries to increase consumer awareness of all window film products – including solar film, safety film and car window tinting – by partnering with manufacturers and window film tinters.

By being a member of the IWFA, you have access to accredited educational programmes, allowing you to train in the fields of Automotive Film, Safety & Security, Solar Control, and Advanced Solar Control Specialisation. Communication with members is kept regular in the form of newsletters, information about trade shows, and a constant update of employment opportunities.
In order for all members of the association to stay informed and to ensure that they are always acting within the correct boundaries, the appropriate legislature and necessary law charts are kept up-to-date and are available on the website.

To ensure that the IWFA remains the top source of window film-related support and information there is a ten-person strong board of directors with over 100 years of collective industry experience. The board comprises representatives of the manufacturing, distributing and dealing aspects of window film and has access to professional consultants in order to correctly manage any legislative issues that may arise.

With an extensive array of industry partnerships ranging from the European Window Film Association to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, the IWFA is a comprehensive and respectable association that will better the business of anybody who becomes a member. Klingshield holds the IWFA in high regard and upholds every one of their high standards of customer service and deliver.