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Window Film Company goes Branchising

 Window Film Company goes Branchising

Window Film Company goes Branchising

Window Film Company goes Branchising – “It’s a no brainer”

Klingshield the 38 year old window film company has a prestige teaching academy and offers opportunities to international companies to become window film experts.

“There is a huge market out there and it is growing worldwide, says Leon Levy CEO of Klingshield S.A.” “We have what it takes to succeed in this business” :

Successful business – no company can exist in a market without an excellent product, a huge market potential, know how and expertise, as well as having a smart dedicated leader with start up capital.

Levy says “Everybody is going green – saving energy and money on electricity bills and reducing carbon footprint”.

Safety Protection – “Many cities in the world are in crisis. Safety film plays an important role in turning ordinary glass into shatterproof glass to avoid the risk of injury to personnel due to the hazards of flying glass during rioting and terrorist bomb explosions” says Levy.

Health Reasons – Window film reduces ultra violet light by 99%, creating a healthier working and living environment.

Occupational Health and Safety/Machinery Act – is a cross-disciplinary area, concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. Many countries across the world have certain laws which require owners of factories to protect their staff against direct sunlight and are also required to turn all glass areas into safety glazing.

UV Protection – Window film stops fading of furnishings, carpets and curtains, saves money on replacing faded merchandise in shops and homes.

Large Market – Wherever there is a piece of glass there is an opportunity to supply window film for offices, homes and cars.