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The Window Film Doctor

The Window Film Doctor

When one has a problem with one’s health, whatever the symptoms, there is only one solution- and that is to pay your Doctor a visit! This medical practitioner has studied for more than 6 or 7 years to try to understand the human body and how to deal with it when there is a problem. The more patients they consult, the more experience they gain. That is why they say grey haired doctors are the best!

The same applies to a window film consultant who is constantly dealing with problems people experience with sunlight coming through their windows. These consultants at Klingshield have been involved in window related problems for the past 30 years. Being a window film consultant takes the same effort as it takes a doctor to study his subject matter. Doctors have certain instruments to measure blood pressure, temperatures, stethoscopes, (to listen to the patient’s heartbeat),etc. Once all the tests have been carried out, the Doctor can then prescribe the correct medication or procedure to solve the health problem.

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Klingshield’s grey haired salesmen have experience and knowledge on how the sun causes problems with our health and our environment. The sun is a very complex subject as it is broken up into different facets. These grey haired salesmen know and understand the damage the sun causes to consumers personal effects, e.g. fading of furnishings. The sun is broken up into infra red radiation, which is the hot part of the sun, and can be felt by humans. The visible light is another part which cannot be felt, but can be seen and this is what causes glare. The ultra violet light is the part of the sun that is harmful to humans and eventually destroys furnishings.

When a window film consultant calls on you, he needs to consult with you and find out exactly what the problems are. The problems can vary from a hot and uncomfortable room, too much glare causing eye strain and interfering with the viewing of TV screens and computer monitors. Another common problem is fading of expensive furnishings.

Once the consultant has identified the problem he needs to test to see how much sunlight is actually pouring in through the window and which product will be best suited to solve the problem.

Klingshield has invested in expensive equipment to measure the strength of the sun and to demonstrate to the customer why the problem exists. By using this equipment the consumer is able to see for himself the reduction in heat glare and UV that the various films offer. A choice can be made after recommendation from the sales consultant and after all the tests have been carried out and the problem diagnosed.

The same way a doctor diagnoses health problems, so does the window film consultant diagnose window related sun problems.

Most window film consultants worldwide unfortunately do not participate in this type of practice and only arrive with samples, give a quote and hope for the order. At the end of the day, these companies do not succeed because of insufficient sales, very little knowledge and indifferent service.

As a consumer, it is a “no brainer” to select a company who knows what it is doing, understands the value of its products and recommends the correct film to solve the related window problem, as well as assuring the consumer peace of mind.

Should any consumer require an “examination” they can feel free to call us for an appointment with our “Window Film Doctor”.

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