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Window film Retains Fire

Window film applied to Glass Resists Fire

Several types of self-adhesive films are available on the market, which provide an alternative to traditional wire glass.

Since ordinary window glass shatters when exposed to fire, certain codes have been specified for years that in certain applications glass rearing fire resistant properties were in place. In the past wire glass was the product that was used as fire resistant glass to meet certain codes and although the glass broke, the wire held the glass in place which provided protection in a sealed room for a limited period of time.

Safety window film applied to ordinary glass will have the same result, as Klingshield, the originator of window film in South Africa, did numerous tests with the local fire authorities in Johannesburg many years ago.

Local authorities are now specifying Klingshield safety window films for these applications as film applied to glass prevents heat radiation, in addition to preventing smoke and heat penetration. It is more cost effective to use safety window film rather than wire glass and one has the benefits of a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and high light transmittance.

Safety film on glass prevents flames from the fire spreading as it hold the glass intact for longer periods of time according to Leon Levy the originator of window film in the South African market.

The film/glass combination could cause some optical clarity problems, air bubbles or discoloring during the fire. This new system will provide twenty six extra minutes and act as an insulator barrier by holding the shattered glass together. It can be used in fire doors and glass partitions for fire resistant glazing and will prevent the fire from spreading and will also reduce the danger of panic during a vacation. With this new system the office will not look like a prison.

Klingshield window film applied to glass does not support combustion and can withstand tremendous heat


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