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Window Film in Earthquake

Window Film in Earthquake Prone Areas

Window areas in offices, homes and cars, protected with shatter resistant safety film can offer significant protection in an earthquake prone area. Reports indicated that people were injured from flying glass shards during the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake.

Actual figures however are not available at the present time. Numerous injuries from flying shards of glass were reported. Glass shards are lethal and can cut into human flesh like a razor blade cuts paper.

Leon Levy of Klingshield said “the protection of glass windows with suitable safety film would protect many people from the horrific effects of a major earthquake”.


Safety Film


Experts are continually predicting that the world will be hit by big earthquakes periodically. In that event and assuming it is stronger than the Christchurch quake this year, most expanses of glass in affected areas will explode like bombs.

In most cases, windows protected with safety film will shatter, but the film will hold the glass together in one sheet. When glass explodes the results are frightening.

In political troubled spots worldwide, Klingshield has found that most injuries in bomb explosions, riot attacks and unrest are caused by flying glass. When the Klingshield film to glass adhesive product is used, injuries and damaged to property are reduced significantly.

Film is also used as a solar filter to reduce internal heat and ultra violet light which causes damage to furnishings in offices, homes and shops.


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