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Window Film Extremely Popular in Winter

Window Film Extremely Popular in Winter

Most consumers think of window film as a “summer” product and tend to forget that window film has great advantages even in the winter months. In actual fact, when the sun sets lower in the winter months, the strength of the glare is more intense than in the summer months.

Viewing of TV screens and PC monitors is a problem due to the reflections from sunlight and with the application of window film to certain windows within spaces where TV’s and PC’s are placed, window film can reduce up to 88% of the glare, making these spaces more user friendly.

Ultra violet light from the sun also damages the screens of TV and PC monitors. Clear window film is now the new “buzz” word when it comes to protecting these screens. Consumers are starting to apply self adhesive film on their screens to increase the life of the products and also to reduce the scratching from wear and tear on screens. This glass film is also being used on laptops and even cellphone screens, offering protection and peace of mind for their owners. Polyurethane clear films will also be available soon to protect appliances from wear and tear by prolonging the good looks and life of modern day appliances.


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In the winter, heating bills become exorbitant for offices and homes as these spaces need to be heated to improve the comfort of areas. Internal heat generated throughout the day by body and objects,is literally allowed to fly out the window because the air outside is colder than the air inside. By applying a specially designed solar film up to 30% of the heat can be retained within spaces, thereby reducing heating bills and saving energy.

The strong winter sun causes much damage to valuable paintings and furnishings. With Klingshield’s UV protection film, 99.5% of the ultra violet light can be rejected, whereby prolonging the life and reducing the fading of your furnishings and artwork.

An added benefit of Klingshield’s film is that it shatterproofs your windows which is a benefit during hailstorms. Should the window be broken the film will hold the glass together under these conditions.

We have had numerous enquiries on north facing windows during winter months over the years. Therefore sun control window film is not a seasonal product, but an all year round product. Architects and designers are using more and more window film in their projects due to the above and thousands upon thousands of installations have been carried out by Klingshield over the last 40 years.

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