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USA Window Film Testing

Window Film Laboratory Testing in US

The United States of America have numerous testing specifications to cover all types of window film by different organisations. The same way as the South African Bureau of Standards has various testing methods for all kinds of products, so do the USA. Another independent testing organisation in South Africa is the CSIR in Pretoria.

Most reputable products in South Africa have some type of testing for quality and performance. Many of Klingshield’s window film products have been tested by both the CSIR and the South Africa Bureau of Standards to certain international standards . These tests include simulated bomb blast testing, impact testing against glass with film, scratch resistant testing of film and various other testing of laminated products.

In the USA most window film products are tested by AIMCAL, Association of International Metallisers, Coaters and Laminaters, as well as international standards set by ASARAE to all its members. AIMCAL and ASHRAE are non-profit organisations.

AIMCAL was established in 1970 to test various products and to date have over 220 members. These tests are similar to the way the South Africa Bureau of Standards test their products and AIMCAL is an organisation open to companies in the metalizing, coating and laminating field and they offer source books, newsletters, as well as information on AIMCAL members.

Members have many benefits available to them such as technical data, substrate secrets, technical references, as well as a website for easy reference. This organisation is run by a board of directors with executive directors and a President, like most companies.

ASHRAE also develop standards for both its members and other professional window film companies. It deals with heating, air conditioning and refrigeration specifications. It has the first coded commercial “green building” standards which were published in 2010. ASHRAE also has a website where one can consult on various technical standards, including free handbook downloads.

Most window film manufacturers in America test their products to these two standards for the convenience and peace of mind for the consumer, that the products do what they say “perform to their set standards”. When dealing with a window film company, the consumer should ask the representative to show them the specifications when purchasing window film products. These specifications will be clearly marked showing it has been tested by AIMCAL and ASHRAE.

The recent independent third party testing organisation to verify the performance of window films in order for the consumer to compare apples with apples, is the NFRCS Window Film Certification and Labelling Programme. This National Forensic Rating Council does simulated laboratory tests and offers independent credibility to verifying the playing field for window film installers. Numerous window film companies now boast NFRCS specifications. This is the newest and latest simulated testing organisation now advertised by serious window film manufacturers.

One can feel confident when buying a product with these types of specifications as it gives one peace of mind when choosing a window film product. With these testing methods available to the consumer, the consumer knows and can see that window film is a very serious product offering excellent performances, durability and longevity.