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Window Film Limpopo

 Window Film Limpopo


Window Film Limpopo


Limpopo is the most northern province of South Africa and the capital is Polokwane, formerly known as Pietersburg. It borders Zimbabwe and Botswana. The province is a typical developing area exporting primarily products and importing manufactured goods and services.

Tropical fruits such as bananas, lychees, pineapples, mangoes and pawpaws are grown in the Tzaneen and Makhado areas. The hot climate in this area calls for energy conservation products. Window film classified as an energy saver and a high performing window film that keeps you cool, reduces the glare and stops the ultra violet light from entering through your window.

Klingshield, the pioneers of the window film industry in South Africa, have for the past 38 years been supplying product throughout South Africa, to keep buildings, factories, homes and cars much cooler, more comfortable and safer.

Klingshield safety film has been installed all over the Limpopo area over the years to make people safer in their city and home environments. Safety film was also used to protect police’s homes during the apartheid era.

We are happy to announce that we are now offering all consumers in Limpopo the opportunity to purchase our range of products direct, at half the price required by a window film installer in that area. Do-it-yourself kits cut to size, including a full instruction manual and a free roll of practice film, are available to all businesses and home owners throughout the Northern Province.

Our range of products consists of window film, Stone-Shield protective coating for bumpers, headlights and fenders, Kleen-Shield self-cleaning liquid for glass and film, internal and external, which is a nano coating that reduces the cleaning and maintenance of glass, enabling one to see out of any office, home or car through clean window technology, our full range of window films which are suited to most environmental conditions and solve any window related problem. Our expert advice is available. Please view our website and for more information contact us