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The Window Film Magazine

The Window Film Magazine – It’s worth it’s weight in Gold

It is with great interest that I read the editorials of the Window Film Magazine as the information I receive is invaluable to our Company. In this competitive world of ours, education and third party knowledge is always and should always be welcomed to improve our performance levels of our window film businesses in this ever changing industry.

The window film magazine is a trademark of Key Publications with a circulation of 10 000 copies and offers good reliable features. It is available for the tinting community, distributors and manufacturers around the globe.

The window film magazine is supported with advertising “by the big ten” Madico, Solamatrix, Suntek, CP Films, Global Window Films, Johnsons Window Films, Sun Control Garaware Window Films, Bekaart Speciaility Films, V Kool and Hanitatek.

"Over the years many interesting articles come to mind”, says Leon Levy of Klingshield SA, these include:

• How to sell window film by listening to the customer and selling a solution to the problem

• Laws relating to auto tinting in various cities and countries worldwide

• The importance of a clean room environment when it comes to manufacturing as well as installations

• Different types of glass available on the market place

• Difference types and styles of window film available in the market place

• Dark high absorption window films cause glass to crack and where and when not to use it

• The use of window film on bullet proof glass

• Sputter coated film with high performance and low absorption

• New energy saving Nano technology window films

• The value of windscreen films

• The importance of window film on museum windows

• The consumer act and its cooling off period

• Marketing methods to bring customers to your company

• The changing world climates and the ozone layer

• The installation of Sputter 20 window film to Mr. Nelson Mandela’s home

• 74” manufacturers coating and laminating plants

• Digital printing on window film

• Safety film plays a huge role in saving lives and reducing injury to humans

• New clear paint protection film for front of vehicles to protect from bugs, dirt, scratches, nicks, road salt, sand and small road debris

• Installation of window film on cars – heat forming of back windows on vehicles and custom fit on side windows

• Invaluable information on problems on glass and film cracking

• Guarantees and warranties on selected products

• Computer cut patterns

• Longevity of different types of films

• History of Aimcal, Association of Industrial Metallisers and Coaters

• The role of the window film associations

• The value of light metres to measure ultra violet, infra red and visible light
• Various testings of films

• Trade shows available for the window film enthusiasts

• Dangers of dark limo film that cuts visibility

• Value of window film for medical reasons

• Extensive range of stained glass window films available

• How women tinters are more gentle and better installers

• Latest installations of window film i.e. Wembley Stadium, Lords Cricket Ground, Heathrow Airport, etc.

• Problems associated with one-way mirror privacy and reflective film

• Dangers of glass

• Ever changing industry we are in

• The availability of different brands of window film

• Commercial and residential opportunities

• The future of window film

• How the price of petroleum affects the price of window film and adhesives

• The problems associated with going mobile and lifetime warranties

• Interesting facts about exterior window films

• Private branding and its advantages

• Big demand worldwide for solar protection reducing energy

• Window films and insurance companies

• Advantages of smash and grab on shop fronts
• Car wraps with film is a new trend

• New technology that is being worked on every day by research and development scientists at manufacturing facilities

• Self-cleaning glass and window film

The above is some of the subject matter that has been discussed in various window film magazines over the years. The publisher Debra Levy (that was my late Mother’s name) and her chief editor Katie Hodge and the three contributing editors, are certainly doing a good job and filling a need within our industry. I take my hat off to them and I hope that other business operators in the window film industry appreciate the valuable information one receives by reading the wonderful window film magazine.