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Window Film Prescriptions”

Window Film Prescriptions”

"Window Film Prescriptions”

Window Coating News
Johannesburg South Africa June 2011

Things have changed over the past 50 years in the window film business. The industry has grown up and the technology has improved over the years.

Non reflective films are outdated due to poor performance on infra red and ceramic high performing non reflective look alike films have taken over. Why would one want to install a window film that stops 30% of the heat when one could have new ceramic technology applied to your window, stopping approximately 55% of the heat and both allowing in the same amount of light

We at Klingshield would rather offer the consumer a higher performing product at the same price. However other window film installers do not have access to ceramic films and continue to sell non reflective low performing window films to unaware consumers. Gone are the days when a window film salesman could hope to leave a sample of film with a written quotation and hope to receive an order. This paper work and sample means nothing to the consumer as he cannot feel or touch the performance of the product in relation to reduction of heat from the sun.

Consumers from the 21st century are smarter and more selective when it comes to the products they purchase. Klingshield offers real live tests and demonstrations with hand held sophisticated equipment to demonstrate the performance of its various products to enable the consumer to see for himself what he is paying for. The equipment takes the guess work out of the equation.

Numerous products are being exported into the South African market from the Asian pacific area, which have lower ultra violet radiation reflectivities than the standard American products. Consumers should be advised when a film only stops 85% of the ultra violet light, compared to the 99.5% that new ceramic technology rejects.

It is the old story, “let the buyer beware” ! All window film is not the same.
Should you require to have a house call by one of our consultants who will do the necessary testing and verification and prescribe the correct product to solve the related window problem.