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Window Film To Shade Lesotho


Maseru, a beautiful mountainous city, is the capital of Lesotho and borders South Africa. They have mean, high daily temperatures in summer and also has hot summer rains. The temperatures reach 30 deg C/ 68 deg.F. The winters are extremely cold and reach zero levels.

The commercial part of the city is centred around two major business districts. Numerous windows need to be protected from direct rays of the sunlight in the summer, whereby reducing airconditioning and electricity costs. In the winter Klingshield’s window film will retain the heat generated within spaces, thus saving on heating bills.
The good news for the people of Lesotho is that Klingshield is offering them their latest “going green Nano Technology” to enable the country to reduce carbon footprint which is important as Africa suffers from a shortage of power. New energy conservation products will also be available for the Lesotho market in the near future, as it has been predicted that by the year 2050, 95% of the world’s energy will come from renewable energy.

Klingshield’s new Nano Ceramic window film is far better in performance than all the old style window films on the market today. It is the only film that can reflect 91% of the infra red (heat). The beauty of this product is that it still allows all the light in but stops the heat.

Klingshield’s products are user-friendly and very easy to install. Do-it-yourself kits are available, with film cut to size for easy application and an instruction manual giving detailed information is included, free of charge. We also supply a sample kit for you to practice. The best thing about the Lesotho deal is the price. You get the best product at the lowest price. You will save 50% of the present going rate for window film installation in Lesotho at the present time.
Get smart, buy direct, save energy and keep cool!!

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