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Window Film -Sophisticated Product


Consumers who think all window films are the same are in for a big surprise. Just the same as a cubic zirconia can look like a diamond, there sure is a big difference!

Window film is a technically sophisticated manufacturing process, involving the lamination of many layers of different types of thin polyester film to make up different constructions which perform differently when applied to glass.

The varied layers could be dyed films laminated to thin clear films, which in turn are laminated to reflective films. This process is very highly technical and the production facility to manufacture different types and thicknesses of window films costs millions of dollars.

Each film when laminated to other film requires laminating adhesive with special UV barriers in a solvent form , which creates a long lasting product. Mounting adhesives with UV barriers are also added to hold film and glass together. Scratch resistant coatings are also added to the film to resist wear and tear when being washed on a regular basis. Scratch resistant coatings will protect the surface of the film during its life.

A backing sheet is added, which protects the mounting adhesive before it is applied to the glass and discarded during application.

Window films can be dyed, metallised, using aluminium vapour, or sputter coated in different types of metal which offer excellent all round sun control performance.

Differently constructed window films perform in varied ways and last for various periods of time. Window films also compete in energy performance and on price, giving different levels of comfort which can be achieved by different constructions of films. Engineers can measure the performance of energy from the sun by utilising thermometer to see the reduction in heat load over a period of time, by applying film to a set of office windows and comparing the difference to office windows without any film.

Film also keeps out unwanted UV which destroys furnishings and car upholstery. Glare can also be reduced significantly by toning down the visible light from the sun’s radiation which normally causes havoc with reflections on computer screens and can also create eye strain with computer operators.

Besides reducing the effect of the sun’s rays, window films also offer privacy from prying eyes looking in from the outside of a building during the day ,when making use of reflective films.

Window films also offers the advantage of turning ordinary glass into shatterproof glass due to the mounting adhesion which holds the film and the glass together.

Klingshield now offers a new night vision film which has been introduced to the range recently. This night vision film offers a clearer view from the inside at night time and is popular in the housing market .

Consumers need to expect to pay more for premium products with longer warranties and higher performances.

Window film consultants need to find out the related problem the client is experiencing with their windows and need to offer the correct solution to take care of the problem. Companies in this industry who quote blindly without testing the severity of the problem give the industry a bad name as it is like a doctor prescribing the incorrect prescription without examining the patient..

Window Film Consultants need to understand the characteristics of the various films as well as what problems are associated with the forces of the solar system to enable them to recommend the correct product.

Sophisticated equipment is available to measure the different spectrums of the raging sun and to demonstrate the difference that will be experienced by the client once Klingshield’s “magic products” have been applied to their windows. Various instruments are also available to measure the thickness of the product and certain tests can show the aggressiveness of the adhesive required to hold the glass and film together for a life time.

After forty years in this industry no other company understands the window film business in the same light as Klingshield and it's staff members.

Most employees in different window film companies don't have the foggiest idea of what is involved in the manufacturing process and believe that all films are the same.

To really understand these processes one needs to be an Engineer or have PHD in science!

When dealing with Klingshield you are in safe hands and can deal with us in all confidence knowing that we are world authorities when it comes to the coating of glass.