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Window Film for Swaziland market

Film for Swaziland

The Swaziland economy is dominated by the service industry, manufacturing and agriculture. It’s main trading partner is South Africa and Klingshield has an offer of window film for the Swaziland industry, homes and cars. These window tints are now used throughout Africa and play an important role in reducing heat, glare and fading in spaces, thereby reducing energy costs, saving on electricity and reducing the amount of carbon footprint. On a cold winter night, Klingshield window film retains the heat generated inside rooms, and therefore saving on heating bills.

The consumers of Swaziland now have the opportunity to buy better performing products at lower prices. Klingshield in Johannesburg is offering cut to size window film kits, will full installation manuals as well as a free role of practice film. These window films are easily installed by do-it-yourself enthusiasts or handymen.

All countries in Africa have made a commitment to going green, thereby saving on electricity costs due to less air conditioning consumption, improving carbon footprint by reducing the amount of petrol consumed in cars due to the use of air conditioning.

Klingshield’s exciting product range is engineered and manufactured by the same technology that provides NASA with space age material for the aero-space programme.

Stop the glare

Klingshield’s solar control window films afford complete visibility, and at the same time eliminates the intense glare of the sun. Klingshield window film filters out ultra violet rays, therefore protecting furniture, carpets and draperies against fading caused by the sun.

Klingshield changes the characteristics of ordinary glass and is an inexpensive way of turning ordinary glass into high performing solar and safety glass.

For further details on our full range of products, which also include some unique new products, i.e. Stone-Shield Car Protection Film for bumpers, fenders and headlights, Kleen-Shield liquid glass coating to keep glass and film sparkling for years, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.

Stained glass window films are also available where decoration is required in certain areas. Safety film to turn car windows into shatterproof windows, offering protection against flying glass during rioting, bomb explosions and violent attacks, are also available direct from Klingshield’s head office in Johannesburg.


DIY Installation

Leon Levy, CEO of Klingshield says “we have come up with a solution that we have been after for many years – better products at lower prices”.

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