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Window Film & Tinting Port Elizabeth

Window film and tinting in Port Elizabeth

Klingshield has been involved in the window film/window tinting business for the past 38 years. Window film has two very distinct advantages. One is to stop the sun’s rays passing through windows and the second is making those very same windows shatterproof so when glass breaks, injuries are avoided.

The amount of sunlight in Port Elizabeth, the friendly city, creates havoc with glare coming into buildings and homes. The heat build up from the sun in offices, homes, warehouses, require a reduction in temperature to create a more amenable working and living environment. By the application of Klingshield’s solar window films the temperatures inside spaces will be drastically reduced.

It is interesting to note that the famous Elizabeth Hotel was installed with Klingshield’s Silver 20 Reflective Film in 1980. Over the years we have supplied much product to various window film companies. However the time has come now to cut out the middleman and go direct.

Savings on airconditioning costs is important to all cities in Africa, as power is expensive and in short supply. By the year 2050 countries in Africa will rely 90% on reusable energy. Energy from the sun, wind and recyclable, will be the norm of the day. All African countries have made a commitment to invest in future “going green” projects to deal with the climate change and the deterioration in the ozone layer. Speculation is that some strange energy out of the sun is about to happen, this from recent reports in world headlines.

Klingshield’s window films are now available direct to the people of Port Elizabeth in do-it-yourself kit form and cut to size at discount prices. An instruction manual and a sample roll of window film for practice purposes is included. These kits are easy to install by the handyman or do-it-yourself enthusiast. Klingshield has decided to cut out the middleman and offer the consumer the advantage of a lower price and a better product than previously sold on the Port Elizabeth market.

We are a very progressive company and have other innovative products available for the Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas, which can be purchased directly from us, namely Kleen-Shield, a liquid window coating to keep the glass’s brilliance and sparkle. Kleen-Shield is very useful for the people of Port Elizabeth as the treated glass will not allow dirt to stick to it and make viewing out of windows within offices, houses and buildings.

It keeps it much easier to clean and maintain. This glass coating won a Prince Charles award for invention and is a very useful product to keep a very difficult substrate sparkling.

Should you require any further information on Kleen-Shield or any of our other products, please fill in the form below