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Klingshield Klerksdorp

Window Film Window Tinting for Klerksdorp


Klerksdorp has a very hot climate and now the consumers have the opportunity to buy window tint film direct from the leading supplier Klingshield, in South Africa.

Klingshield’s new range of window films are specially designed, adhesive based films that cling to windows and make installations easy for do-it-your-self enthusiasts and handymen.

Solar and safety window films are polyester films that are applied to glass and glazing areas to stop heat, glare and fading.

Energy conservation is playing an important role in this modern world and window film when applied to glass in offices, reduces temperatures, thereby cutting down on airconditioning. This exercise saves you money in electricity bills, and also saves your furnishings from sun damage.

Klingshield’s new ceramic window films reject up to 91% of infra-red that otherwise would come through the windows. Dark non-reflective solar window films take care of the blinding glare and reduce reflections on monitors and TV screens.

Smash & Grab safety tinted films applied to cars is very popular and can now be purchased direct from Klingshield’s head office. These films, once applied to car windows, turns glass into shatterproof glass, creating a safe driving experience for owners and their families.

Millions of rands are spent annually on replacing furnishings, carpets and curtains in homes, due to the damage caused by the sun’s ultra violet light. This can be avoided by the application of Klingshield’s solar control window film which rejects 99% of the ultra violet light, saving you money on replacing furnishings.

Hot uncomfortable spaces utilise window films to reduce temperatures inside buildings, homes and offices. New Nano Ceramic window film technology is now available to the consumers of Klerksdorp at wholesale prices. These discount prices on window film now gives more consumers of Klerksdorp the opportunity to benefit from our range of products.
Klingshield’s is offering do-it-yourself kits, cut to size, including a full installation manual, necessary tools and a sample roll of window film to sharpen your skills to ensure you carry out an excellent application.

For further information on our range of window films and our other exciting innovative products, contact us.

Should you wish to place an order, please ensure that you complete the contact page, to enable our consultants to evaluate your problem and ensure the correct product is supplied.