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Window Tint & Window Film for Kenya

Window Tint Film for Kenya

To the consumers of Nairobi, Mombasa and the rest of Kenya.

Are you experiencing problems with the sun coming through your windows and causing great discomfort? We have the answer and have been installing Klingshield sun guard window films for over 45 years and are still today servicing the market place in South Africa!

Kenya (a tea and coffee colony) is renowned throughout the world in coffee shops in London, Paris and Sydney, to name but a few.

Government and Municipalities should take examples from the Americans when it comes to securing and safeguarding their properties and Embassies. Safety film is necessary in Embassies to keep citizens safe from flying glass in the event of a disaster. Rioting, civil unrest and uprising by people throughout the world happens overnight.

Kenya has a very hot climate and the use of Klingshield solar control window film to save energy would be of great benefit to the country. “Going green” is an important step for all African countries. Sun and wind power are making a huge impact when it comes to saving energy all over the world and a film studio in the United States of America have installed thin solar panels on their roofs and using the energy to run their power.

Africa will be relying on 90% of renewable energy by the year 2050. A conference covering global warming and the environment will take place this year in Durban.

We in Africa have been blessed with the sun and can definitely rely on solar energy for future power. Wind farms will be the order of the day, creating power for industry, tourism, government building, etc. Windows play an important role in the structure of any building, are weatherproof and create great advantages allowing one to see out and enjoy the outside world. Windows allow natural light into spaces to eliminate the need for lighting during the day. However, once a new Nano Ceramic window film is applied to glass, it changes the characteristics of the glass and now starts to perform. It reflects sunlight, absorbs glare, reduces ultra violet light by 99%. It works hard for you on that window and does an amazing job by keeping you “cool”.

However, this beautiful sparkling amazing product called glass has disadvantages. It allows the sunlight through to destroy your furniture, and causes blinding glare and hot spots in spaces. Living and working in direct sunlight is forbidden in many countries as the UV of the sun’s rays cause skin cancer and many doctors recommend the use of window film, especially on car windows, for their patients.

Decorators all over the world utilise window films to reduce the fading of their beautiful works. Fabrics, carpets and curtains fade from the sun’s rays. Klingshield’s window film reduces the fading, keeps rooms cool, cuts direct sunlight, saves energy and saves lives due to it’s shatter resistant properties of film laminated to glass.

All public areas in major cities throughout Kenya should have safety film applied in all high traffic areas where citizens could be injured due to bomb explosions, which have occurred in Nairobi. Safety film holds glass together under pressure in all scenarios. Ministers and government officials should all have safety ultra clear tinted safety film, 100 micron thick as per international tests applied to their vehicles. The United States ensures all it’s personnel are safeguarded against the dangers of flying glass.

Certain laws are being enforced throughout the world regarding comfortable working conditions for employees. i.e. minimising direct sunlight to ensure the well being of workers, as it creates problems such as headaches, eye strain, melanoma.

Klingshield are now offering “do-it-yourself” cut to size, user friendly window film kits. These kits include a full instruction manual, a free sample roll of window film and the necessary tools to make the application as easy as A B C.

The kits are easily installed by do-it-yourself enthusiasts or handymen. Consumers all over South Africa order and install film and enjoy the advantages of the products daily.

Should you be interested in any of our amazing range of window film products, as well as other innovative products, contact us.