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Window Tinting Film Lusaka

Window Tinting Film Lusaka

Lusaka is located on a high elevation and experiences extremely hot conditions in the summer, temperatures reaching highs of 37 deg C/99 deg F.

Klingshield’s window tint films applied to windows of homes, offices, buildings and also cars, would play an important role in stopping the sun’s harmful rays from passing through, and at the same time, making these windows shatterproof, so that when glass breaks injuries are avoided.

Another important factor about Klingshield’s window tint films is that it does alleviate the risk of skin cancer caused by the sun’s rays.

Owners of buildings are becoming more aware of laws being enforced to ensure that working conditions are made amenable for staff members, and also that productivity is increased in comfortable working conditions.

By applying our new Nano Ceramic technology window tint films to windows, airconditioning costs are drastically reduced in the summer and in winter the cost of heating appliances is also greatly reduced as the heat generated is retained inside. This is an important factor as power is becoming expensive and in short supply. Most African countries are committing to the “going green” projects in dealing with climate change and deterioration in the ozone layer.

Klingshield are now supplying superior quality window tint films to the people of Lusaka at greatly reduced prices. Do-it-yourself kits, including full instruction manuals as well as a sample roll of window tint film for practice purposes, are cut to size, avoiding waste, and easily installed by the do-it-yourself enthusiast or handyman.

We have launched new products in our range, such as :

Stone-Shield car protection film for bumpers, fenders and headlights. This protective film protects your car from damage caused by stones and gravel.

Kleen-Shield, a liquid window cleaning coating product to retain the brilliance of glass and window tints.

Should you require any further information on Klingshield’s Window tint films and our interesting products, contact us.