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Window Tinting Kimberley

Window Tinting Kimberley 

Klingshield window tint film for Kimberley.  Kimberley is the capital of the Northern Cape in South Africa. It is the city of diamonds and is famous for the Big Hole, monuments and museums.

The blazing sun in Kimberley hitting record highs in January and February of 40 deg. C/104 deg. F. causes much discomfort to humans in various spaces such as offices, homes and cars. Window film tints play an important role in reducing temperatures inside spaces with the application of Klingshield’s window films.

Our new Nano Ceramic window film is far superior to any other regular window film in the window film market, as it takes out 91% of infra red (heat) and allows in ample light for good working and living environments. In other words, it keeps the heat out and allows the light in and in winter it retains the heat generated inside these spaces.

Government Ministers should realise the potential of utilising renewable energy and by the year 2050, 90% of Africa will run on renewable energy. Wind farms, creating power to run companies and cities, solar power in thin film technology, will be utilised on roofs and sides of buildings to absorb and capture the sun’s energy to be available and self sufficient in providing power. will be placed all over Africa supplying renewable energy.

Rainbow Colours

Capturing the sun and utilising it for power is a simple solution. It saves power and reduces airconditioning costs. With less intense heat, productivity improves and less eye strain, headaches and discomfort are experienced.

Klingshield’s range of window films designed to combat against all sun-related problems are available in many shades and densities. Our new user friendly range, available in kit form and cut to size, no waste factor, and easily installed by do-it-yourself enthusiasts or handymen, now available to consumers in Kimberley at greatly reduced prices for a more efficient product than your local window tinter can offer. Our kits include a full instruction manual, necessary tools and a practice roll of window film to sharpen your application skills.

Many cities in Africa and throughout the world are leading the way in “going green”. The Americans are pouring trillions of dollars into this industry because it is the way out for the future. It is wonderful in this day and age that companies invest in renewable energy to power the world over the next 50 years.

New Products available from Klingshield – A liquid glass coating product Kleen-Shield, for interior and exterior glass areas and filmed glass “once clean stays clean” and reduces cleaning of glass by 90%. Kleen-Shield window coating is now available to the world market.

Another interesting product in our range is Stone-Shield, which is a clear film to protect bumpers, fenders and headlights against damage caused by stones and gravel roads. It is a user-friendly paint protection film and of the highest quality. It is very popular with car dealers in the Johannesburg, Gauteng area.

For further information on Klingshield’s range of window film products, as well as all our other related products which are unique and innovative within the South African market, please view our website or contact us.