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Window Tinting Law in Force

Window Tinting Law in Force

“Traffic authorities have started cracking down on drivers who have dark tinted windows”, warns the AA. Regulations allow for a 35% visible light transmission window film to be applied to sides and back windows of cars. Front windscreens call for a 70% visible light transmission on all vehicles.

No person shall operate on a public road with any film darker than that stipulated by the regulations. We have had reports from the public who have been stopped at roadblocks and warned to remove their dark film.

These regulations intend to address the problem experienced by traffic or police officers who are not able to see inside the vehicle. The impact of regulations has no exclusion with the exception of ambulances and hearses. This means that Police vehicles, including some Metro Police vehicles, are contravening the very law they are enforcing in some cases.

The AA have taken the matter up with 9 provincial governments on a national level and have agreed to give motorists a grace period to remove illegal tinting.
Mike Mabasa, spokesman for the Department of Transport said “the law discourages vehicle owners from interfering with their visibility, especially mini bus taxis”.

Police safety also needs to be taken into consideration, as traffic officers can be in danger of being shot by a suspect hiding behind the dark illegal tinted windows.

Many law enforcement officers carry a Klingshield visual identity card, which indicates if the tint is legal, by holding it on the inside of the car window. If one can read the 35% lettering through the tint, it certifies it as legal.

This is a very important piece of testing equipment and should any authorities from any local governments throughout South Africa need to obtain these cards, they can contact Klingshield direct through our website and we will be in a position to supply.

For any more information on the legalities on window film on vehicles, please consult our other articles on regulations of window tinting.