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Window Tinting for Windhoek

Windhoek Ready for Nano Technology Window Film

Windhoek is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Namibia. The climate of Windhoek is situated in a semi-arid climatic region. Days are warm with very hot days in the summer months. There is also a prevalence of warm northerly air flows. Droughts are also a regular occurrence and wet and dry years run through cycles.

New Nano Ceramic technology window films is a scientific breakthrough as this product stops 91% of infra red heat, yet still allows in ample light. The manufacture of this product involves numerous coatings of Nano technology to obtain this ultra high performance window film.

Safety film plays an important role in the Namibian market, as it protects many Ministers and people in the Namibian area. In today’s times, with unforeseen circumstances, Governments need to be prepared and aware of the dangers of glass in buildings in their cities. This very same glass can be lethal in an explosion or rioting. Public places, Police Stations, Embassies, Government buildings, wherever glass is exposed, need to be thoroughly investigated to make sure that all areas, especially in the town of Windhoek, need to be made safe.

Klingshield’s Window film has been applied to windows all over Namibia over the past 38 years. Our new user-friendly film is available directly to the consumers throughout Namibia at give-away prices!. We now supply film in kit form and cut to size for easy application and have a distribution centre to export our range of window films throughout Africa. Each “cut to size kit” comes with full installation manual and a free practice roll to sharpen your skills. This film can easily be applied by the do-it-yourself enthusiast or handyman.

It is going to become a reality in Namibia that reusable energy will play an important role in the future. Africa has a shortage of power and electricity is a commodity we can ill afford, so therefore we all need a goal. By the year 2050 Africa will require to run on 95% of reusable energy via the sun, sea, wind.

A new range of products will be available for the Namibian market so as to improve their record as a country who follows the vision of being a major player in going green technology in the years to come.

Klingshield’s range of window films reduces the sunlight passing and entering into rooms and spaces. It keeps people cool indoors, thereby creating a stabilised temperature. Klingshield stops the glare from the sun’s rays blinding you when looking at computer and TV monitors. Relief with Klingshield on your windows, less stress, less headaches, less eyestrain.

It is also important in today’s times that humans are protected from the risk of flying glass. Klingshield window film plays an important role in supplying Government, Embassies and buildings throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries.

For further information on high-tech window film and other products such as Kleen-Shield, a liquid glass coating for all windows, whether office, home or car. Kleen-Shield enables better vision in rain or shine. Dust and grit does not stick to your window. With Kleen-Shield, once clean, stays clean. Oil and grease will simply wipe off. We have all heard the saying “we will do anything, but we are not cleaning windows” !

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