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Window Tinting Window Film for East London

Window Tinting Window Film for East London

Driving through the city of East London, one notices all the unprotected windows in offices, homes and cars. East London, with it’s hot summers have not taken up the opportunity of utilising window film as much as other cities throughout South Africa.

Klingshield, the best selling brand for residential, automotive and commercial window film now offers consumers in East London and it’s adjoining areas, the opportunity to buy pre-cut window film direct from the biggest supplier of self adhesive window films in South Africa.

Solar and safety window films are now available in do-it-yourself kit form, cut to size. With every kit Klingshield supplies an installation manual, all the necessary tools as well as a free sample roll for practice. The price of these kits are far below the normal price from local window film installers

These window films are an energy saver, improve comfort and offer security and protection for your home, office and car.

Browse through our website to see the range of products and service on offer. New Nano Ceramic film is also available. These films are far superior to the regular films being used in the market place today. Nano Ceramic solar window film stops 91% of the infra red (heat), still allowing in ample light. This product is based on new technology and will save money on reduced airconditioning.

Multi functional window films are also available in various colours and thicknesses. These have been specially developed for Klingshield by the leading USA manufacturers.

Smash & Grab window film has a new adhesive system which clearly outperforms other adhesive systems on the market. The amount of adhesive applied to our window film is far in excess of standard films supplied in the market place. The adhesive on the window film plays a very important role in holding glass together under an attack.

Sputter coated window films coated with titanium between layers, blocks out 99% of the dangerous UV rays and also offers WiFi data protection which plays a very important role in security of companies and Government Departments in today’s times.

Our line of flat glass window films have long last scratch resistant coating and have provided comfort and protection for thousands of users throughout South Africa.

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