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Window Tinting Lagos Nigeria

Window Tint Film for Lagos, Nigeria

Window films, window tints, glass coatings, were first manufactured in 1950 in the United States of America. This technology was developed by NASA for space shuttles. From that period of time industry started manufacturing various styles of window film using base clear polyster Melenex or Dupont materials.

The manufacturers in America were dying these films in 1960. Roll to roll metallising of window films developed through the 70’s. Through the 80’s and 90’s high performance sputter coated and clear see through safety film were developed. As the years passed by, the technology improved immensely and the longevity and weather resistance has also improved.

Today Klingshield can offer the people of Nigeria a higher performing window film at lower prices than any professional window film available in the market place. Do-it-yourself window film kits are now available. They are user friendly and easily installed by the do-it-yourself enthusiast or handyman and come complete with a free sample roll for practice purposes, necessary tools and full instruction manual. Countries out of South Africa are now able to enjoy the benefits of window film at affordable prices.

Glass in all buildings within large cities need to be assessed to ensure that they are compliant with regulations regarding safety of personnel due to serious injuries caused by flying glass. Civil unrest, violence, explosions, natural disasters, uprisings, riots are all a reality throughout the world today and Ministers and Government officials should all be protected with safety film on their vehicles and shatter resistant sun guard window film on office and home windows.

It is very important for the people of Nigeria to realise the importance of “going green”, saving energy, reducing less carbon footprint, being almost self sufficient by the year 2050.

Nigeria experiences lots of sunlight and extremely hot days. Window film plays an important role in reducing the heat from the sun and thereby making your offices, homes and cars considerably cooler. The use of airconditioners will be reduced, therefore saving money and motoring becomes safer and easier with Klingshield window film applied to vehicles.

To the people of Nigeria, we at Klingshield offer you a special price on all your window film requirements and also have other innovative products available and these can be viewed on our website.

Should you wish to place an order, go to our Contact Page and complete the questionnaire to enable us to evaluate which product is best suited to solve your sun problem.