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Window Tinting & Window film for Mafikeng

Glass Coating and Window Tinting for Mafikeng

Klingshield, the world’s leader in installing and marketing of glass treatment window films have now opened the market on a “do-it-yourself” basis for Mafikeng in the North West Province of South Africa.

Film kits are now available direct to the consumers of Mafeking, cut to size, are user friendly, easy to install by the do-it-yourself enthusiast or handyman, and also includes a free practice roll of window film, tools and a complete instruction manual.

The consumers in Mafikeng now have the opportunity to buy Klingshield films at discount prices direct from the source. Safety film is also important to secure Ministers vehicles and Embassies, as glass is very dangerous and can cause serious injuries due to violent action.

This range of window film is ideal for offices, homes and cars, where heat glare, fading and safety is a problem. Klingshield’s solar films stop up to 91% of the heat entering through the window, keeping spaces and rooms cool and comfortable.

During the hot summer months temperatures in Mafikeng and its surrounding areas reach highs of 42 deg. C/104 deg F. New Nano Ceramic window films stops 91% of infra red (heat). However it still allows all the natural light in. This new Nano Ceramic window film reduces the use of airconditioning and saves money on electricity bills. The films also retain the heat generated inside rooms during the winter months, and once again saving on heating bills.

Ultra violet light which is the main cause of carpets, furniture and upholstery fading, is reduced by 99% and saves money on replacement of furnishings.

All products have been tested to American Government specifications as well as various tests at South African Bureau of Standards and CSIR.

Harsh glare which creates uncomfortable reflections on TV and computer monitors, can now be eliminated with the installation of Klingshield’s solar film which reduces glare and improves working conditions. Eye strain and headaches are also reduced.

Window film in conjunction with thin solar film panels on roofs will be the future to saving energy and “going green”. It is interesting to note that the second Climate Control Conference will be held in Kwa-Zulu Natal, to discuss the reduction of carbon footprint and ways to reduce energy consumption by utilising renewable energy.

To learn more about the benefits of Klingshield’s multi-functional solar safety film that protects you, your workers and family, please view our

for further information or contact us now to take advantage of this offer.