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Maputo Window Film

Klingshield in Mozambique

Maputo, formerly Lourenco Marques and then Mozambique, is now the capital of Mozambique and is situated on the Indian Ocean. Extremely hot weather creates havoc in keeping buildings and spaces cool. The temperatures reach highs of 46 deg C/109 deg F.

Window film is used widely all over the world to reduce sunlight coming through windows. Maputo has not had the opportunity of experiencing the value of window film to its fullest. The Mozambican Government realised the importance of saving energy and reducing carbon footprint, as all other countries in the world are doing.

Resuable products will be utilised in future in all African countries. Obtaining power from sunlight, wind and sea, much energy will be available and by the year 2050, 90% of Maputo’s energy will be acquired from reusable power.

Klingshield, the pioneers of window film in South Africa now offer the Mozambican consumer the opportunity to buy high quality window film in kit form at discount prices.

These kits contain do-it-yourself window film, complete instruction manual and a sample roll of window film for practice purposes.

New easy user-friendly easy to install window film has a much higher performance than the old type window film sold on the world market. Nano ceramic technology is now available and manufactured in the make up of window film. The performance of these Nano ceramic window films outperform anything else on the world market today.

If you experience a problem with the sun, Klingshield window film is the product to solve this problem. We have a full range of window film products to suit all sun-related problems. Our safety window films play an important role in securing Government Ministers vehicles, homes and buildings and Embassies in all countries.

Klingshield’s safety window film shatterproofs glass. Safety window film is used in all major cities to shatterproof glass areas. Ordinary glass under an explosive situation can cause injury to personnel and destroy property. Glass can be very dangerous under pressure.

Looks Good

Other innovative products available from Klingshield is their new liquid glass coating, Kleen-Shield, which reduces cleaning of glass by 90%. This coating can be applied to the interior and exterior glass surfaces and once clean, stays clean. This amazing breakthrough in self-cleaning glass coatings is very popular with building owners, home owners and car enthusiasts.

Stone-Shield, our chip and scratch bumper, fender and headlight protection, has a scratch resistant coating and would be very beneficial to the people of Mozambique, as cars get damaged on the rough roads and your vehicles devalue.

Should you require any further information on our range of window films at our special discounted prices, please contact us via our online form.