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Window Tinting for Malawi

Window film and window tinting news for Malawi  

Malawi, a country in South East Africa, bordering Zimbabwe to the north west, Tanzania to the north east and Mozambique on the east, south and west. Blantyre and Lilongwe are the main cities.

The Malawi government faces challenges in expanding the growth of the country and renewable energy and going green will play a major role in Malawi’s energy over the next decade. With the shortage of power in Africa, valuable energy needs to be conserved and new reusable energy from the sun needs to be utilised. As the modern world progresses, the use of the sun’s energy as well as the tides of the seas and wind energy, is going to make a huge difference to the living and working environment of the people of Malawi.

Unbranded window films have been spoiling the opportunity by their short life and weak performances. Klingshield’s range of window films, which includes the new Nano Ceramic Technology, is the widest and most reliable range of films available on the world market today. Klingshield has it’s own testing farm where all window films from most companies all over the world are tested and placed at 45 degree angles to the sun to evaluate it’s life expectancy. Because of our 38 years of experience in the window film business, we know which are the best films made in the world and we only use the “best of the best” from various companies.

It’s interesting to note that some American products sold in the world market are not user friendly and are not designed for do-it-yourself enthusiasts or handymen. Our range of window films for offices, homes and cars are available at discount prices to the people of Malawi. The middle man will be cut out and Klingshield will be able to supply a far superior product “at a much lower price” than other regular old style window film sellers in the market.

Our products are all user friendly, coming in kit form, including a full instruction manual as well as the correct tools and a practice roll of film to ensure that you carry out an installation that you will be proud of.

Klingshield’s film on windows work day and night. During the day they reflect the sun’s rays and keep interior rooms cool and comfortable. Glare from the sun is eliminated, making the working environment more amenable.

New Nano solar control window films allow the light in, but bounces all the heat back.

To the people of Malawi, this is an opportunity for you to purchase Klingshield’s product range direct, at excellent prices, cut to size, as well as easy application for any do-it-yourself enthusiast and handyman.