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Like a Sauna

Is your Car, Office or Home feeling like a “Sauna”


The sun beats down every day causing intolerable rise in temperatures and discomfort in offices, homes and cars. Consumers need protection as the sun causes damage to humans and property.

Why would one want to feel uncomfortable in their home, office or car when there is such a cost effective solution to the sweltering intensive heat of the sun, as well as reducing the glare.

Klingshielding your windows is like fitting them with top of the range sunglasses to stay cool, calm and collective. Your carpets, curtains, upholsteries and furnishings are also protected from the sun and therefore will not fade. You will also cut down on airconditioning bills by the keeping the heat of the sun out.

One often wonders why manufacturers of windows do not add the standard benefits of Klingshield to their glass products. Because of various reasons huge after-market products like Klingshield are created, which add style to your property and also saves lives in the event of broken glass.

Reducing the infra red form of radiation increases comfort for people who suffer with heat build up. Klingshield’s window film is guaranteed to perform in all areas and the product has a life expectancy of between 10 to 20 years.


Neutral Film


Professional installations are undertaken by trained applicators in accordance with Government regulations for safety glazing and energy control. All products are manufactured in the USA to our specifications by highly qualified laminating and coating companies, with state of the art equipment. These companies utilise Engineers and Chemists to lay down different colour tints and adhesive thicknesses.

These chemists and engineers work on products that save money and save lives. Don’t get hot under the collar! Turn your dull looking building into a modern high shine silver structure, with the installation of Klingshield’s highly reflective film.

For more information on our various range of window films please contact us.