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Window film Warranties

Is your warranty worth the paper it's written on?

As the originator of smash and grab window film for car windows, Klingshield has always used the very best products available in the market place.

Klingshield offers a warranty on replacement of material including the labour,should the product break down during the warranty period.

Many window film companies have imported cheap and nasty films from the Asian Pacific area where manufacturers incorporate the dye colour into the adhesive.

These products breakdown in a short period of time.

Unfortunatley many consumers buy on price and when they need to go back to their installer, they find them either gone, or if they are still around, they refuse to stand by their warranties.

For instance a Llumar warranty only covers the product proved to be effective and not the labour.

Klingshield has been installing smash and grab window film for 40 years and has a virtual zero comeback rate.

So if you want the best finish in the market place as well as the most reliable warranty, klingshield is the company you need to do business with.

What some window film companies do when it comes to warranties on smash and grab window films

Klingshield best smash and grab window film guarantee

Klingshield, the company that worked with the South African Bureau of Standards and the transport department, to create the law governing the tinting of car windows. Klingshied gave an undertaking to always promote legal tints in the market place after the law was gazetted

window tinting law in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most dangerous areas in the world when it comes to attack on vehicles. Klingshield only uses double thick smash and grab films because the 100 micrion is not adequate enough to stop heavy objects from comming through windows

best smash and grab window tint Klingshield

A typical advert used by the Klingshield company to promote their smash and grab high preformance window films for vehicles Double smash and grab Klingshield window protection

A typical warranty issued by a fly-by-night tinter showing the limited warranty. They are only prepared to replace a portion of the defective film and the installer has to carry the installed replacement costs. What happens if the installer is not around anymore?

Llumar window tinting guarantee



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