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Automotive Wrapping and Branding

Automotive Wrapping and Branding

Klingshield’s Technical Department

Klingshield has now opened a new division specialising in vehicle wrap graphics, car wraps, in conjunction with large format printing service and installation.

Signage on vehicles has grown popular over the last 100 years. At the beginning of the century business men had their cars or trucks hand painted with some signage as they realised the potential of branding and marketing by having a moving billboard highly exposed on roads throughout the world.

Some 35 years ago self-adhesive film in various colours came onto the market. These films were made of vinyl, utilising various technologies. Sign companies soon realised the advantages of utilising film cut by computer to create signage. This practice saved hours of time in labour and sign making stores started popping up all over the word.

Vinyl films for exterior signage was utilised on government vehicles as well as private commercial vehicles to advertise company brands or services. Different styles of vinyl are now available from matt to reflective and are used by most vehicle wrapping companies.

Vehicle wrapping is a difficult installation and needs to be done by professionals to obtain a high quality, high resolution, excellent finish.

We know that when one spends one’s money on advertising one needs to stretch it as far as it can go. Vehicle wraps are a free moving billboards for any company and can be quickly installed on to your vehicle and changed at any time.

Car Wraps

One needs to obtain quotes on having a billboard erected on a highway to realise the cost involved in this type of advertising! Our vehicle wraps can be placed on cars, trailers, trucks, buses and fleets at a fraction of the price.

Studies show that 91% of people notice words and pictures when displayed on vehicles. Our services include design, printing, application, maintenance and removals.

Should you require to know more about our wrapping services and branding please contact us


Car Wraps