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How to apply Kleen-Shield

Kleenshield Application Guide

This is the most important step in any application. It must be stressed that unless the glass is cleaned thoroughly no application can be successful.


  • Dry scrape glass area with window scraper (razor blade type). Recommended Stanley Stainless Steel 1992, until all grime and sticky dirt particles are removed from the glass. Ensure that the window frames are cleaned with a brush.
  • Brush all dry dirt to ground before attempting to clean the window with a soapy solution.
  • Apply a soapy solution made up of one part soap to 100 parts water, i.e. a few drops of soap mixed with water in the bottle and well shaken, preferably dispensed in a pump type hand held spray bottle, to your dust free glass area.
  • Wet scrape the windows to remove all remaining dirt, grime and grease that has clung to the glass.
  • Now squeegee the soapy solution off with window squeegee until dry and ready to be treated.


  • Shake bottle of Kleen-Shield Polymer solution well, so that the polymers can mix together and when applied to the window will chemically bond to the glass to give you the best result.
  • Make sure that the glass you are coating with Kleen-Shield is spotless and dry before continuing.
  • Spray the Kleen-Shield mixture all over (using a pump action bottle), starting from the top and working down towards the bottom.
  • Before the mixture dries, use a soft cloth and polish in a circular motion to distribute the Kleen-Shield evenly over the whole surface of the glass.
  • Leave polymer coating for five minutes to chemically bond and absorb into the glass and dry.
  • After five minutes spray the glass with a soapy solution made up with one part soap to 300 parts water i.e. a few drops of soap mixed with water in the bottle, well shaken up.
  • Again spray the window with the same soapy solution and squeegee all excess liquid off glass, working from the top down.
  • Use a paper towel to dry off corners and frames.


Kleen-shield Window Application