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Bakkie Awnings

The South African Bakkie

The name bakkie in South Africa is synonymous with a vehicle with a flat platform at the back of a car.

A bakkie awning is a covering that fits on top of this platform to offer shelter and a place for storage for passengers or the safety and security of goods, products, or tools stored inside this area.


  • Some adventurous travellers use this area to sleep at night when out in the bush.
  • Some car enthusiasts also could refer to it as a canopy.

Bakkie Awning

These bakkie awnings typically come with open and closed windows for ventilation and rain protection which is different to a retractable awning types. Many bakkie owners like to protect the windows with Klingshield smash and grab tint to offer sun protection and better security from entry.

These bakkie awnings are custom made to fit the different vehicle models as many car manufacturers make these types of vehicles.
Independent fitment centres all over South Africa specialise in the sale and fitment of these bakkie awnings and canopies as an aftermarket product.

Klingshield fits Smash & Grab to Bakkies - visit our online store to learn more, we also have great door awning makro alternatives

Awning of a Bakkie