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Door Awnings Makro


Makro is a substantial international brand that started in Amsterdam in 1968 as a warehouse discount store are designed to supply other small businesses with sure of their wares. Today they trade in many countries worldwide and have 22 operations in South Africa. Door awnings are a top-rated product sold through their outlets.

These Makro door awnings products lure customers into the store by almost selling them at cost.

They can sell at cost because they purchase such large quantities at below cost.

They when hope that the client will purchase some other products once in the store, where they can make some healthy profits.

Door Awning by Makro is a very economical solution for homeowners to install above their front and back doors to protect against rain. However, they are not very stylish and can be a short-term solution.  Foldo Awnings are another type of shade product to consider

These products are typically assembled and installed by the DIY enthusiastic or by a handyman. Their lightweight multi-wall honeycomb top is very flimsy, and the brackets are made of plastic.
In the long term, they start to deteriorate from the harsh South African sun and deface the look and style of the properties.

So many other superior door awning products including bakkie awning types are sold at reasonable pricing with ten-year guarantees.

These soft fabric stylish awning products are supported by an aluminium subframe and come custom made in a range of fabrics imported from Europe. The price paid will be long forgotten many years after one is still be enjoying and getting the benefits of these excellent products.