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Duolite awning

Duolite awning is a brand name of a product manufactured and distributed by Duro Plastic in Cape Town.
These DIY Duolite awnings can be purchased at Pick and Pay and other hardware stores in South Africa. 

Duolite awnings and the other required components come in a flat pack with easy installation instructions. 
They are available in clear bronze grey and translucent. They are available in two extension projections and in a 1200mm and 1500mm.

The polycarbonate honeycomb tops are imported from Ireland, and the brackets are injection moulded out of plastic made locally. 
They are boxed and distributor by Duro Plastic through its various outlets in South Africa. The claim that they are manufactured in South Africa is debatable as some parts are imported, however they could be used to form an array of multiwall awning solutions. Check out foldo awnings as another consideration.

DIY Duolite awning

However, the recent problems experienced worldwide with shipping recently have created a considerable supply shortage.
These Duolite awnings are cheap but valuable to solve homeowners' experiences with the rain and the sun.

They are suitable for low-cost housing but could spoil the aesthetic of any architectural style building.
 For genuine quality awnings one should go for an awning with an aluminum frame and a fabric acrylic top custom made to measure.