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Multiwall Awning

Walk into any major branded hardware stores in South Africa and you will notices rows and rows of multiwall awning standing like soldiers on shelves.

These awnings such as duolite awning products are sold as a DIY products at very reasonable costs as the are used by theses retail stores as a lost leader to get foot traffic into their stores.

Hundred of thousand have been sold over the last two decades and are very visible in most suburbs in South Africa.

Multiwall Awning
These multiwall awning are a very economical and ideal solution for sheltering homeowners when standing underneath their front door in the rain, they are also used above windows for a degree of sun and rain protection.


Features of Multi Wall Awnings


  • These are made of a cheap looking fluted polycarbonate that starts to discolour after time in the South African harsh sunlight.
  • Absorb water between their honeycomb structure after a while which caused a horrible visual appearance.
  • All the multiwall awnings are supplied with side brackets, screws and an installation manual.
  • Multiwall awnings can be joined together for deal with larger expensed of windows.
  • These flat boxes DIY multiwall awnings come in bronze, grey, opel and clear. They are normally available in two sizes 1.2 meters and 1.5 wide.
  • The projections can vary with the largest being one meter. Prices can also very depending on the extended projection.

From Leon Levy's experience in the awning business I have seen many of them falling off, from the weight of a heavy rain storms and also a accumulation of hail sitting on the top of them.

By personal opinion they are a ''cheap and nasty'' product that offer a solution at a very cheap price.

We have a much better upgraded version of door and window awnings, especially Klingshield retractable awning solutions at reasonable pricing now available that are good looking, longer lasting more functional and stylish.