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Nano Ceramic Specifications

New Nano Ceramic Specifications

In our recent articles on our website we discussed “The best film ever made”, which to date, is no doubt, the Nano Ceramic window film designed for windscreens. This magic product was launched on to the South African market by Klingshield approximately one and a half years ago. Over this period we have installed countless windscreens with this amazing product. More and more car dealers are realising the value of this product and recommend it to all new car buyers.

The commercial and residential markets have shown a huge interest recently in this product due to its overall performance. The beauty of this product is that it rejects 86% of the infra red heat, yet once on the window, it is virtually invisible. We have had many requests from Architects and building owners for our new Nano Ceramic window films and list below the technical data relating to this product as requested by these professionals.

Performance Data

  • Infra red rejection 86%
  • Total energy transmitted 42%
  • Solar energy absorption 51%
  • Visible light transmission 78%
  • Visible light reflection 8%
  • Ultra violet transmission 1%
  • Total solar energy rejected 43%
  • Thickness (including liner) ,05mm

Features and Benefits

  • Forms an invisible shield to reduce solar heat and glare and improve overall comfort.
  • Cuts excess summer solar heat passing through the glass, which helps to maintain a lower internal temperature, easing the load on air-conditioning.
  • Features superb optical clarity and low reflectivity that will not impair night.

Nano ceramic window film is the most advanced window film product available on the world market today.Nano ceramic window film looks like a tinted window film, however it pefoms like a highly reflective window film, giving you maximum heat rejection.


Nano Ceramic Window Film

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