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Non Reflective 70 Window Film

Non Reflective 70 Window Film

Non Reflective 70 Window Film

Klingshield Technical Department
Johannesburg South Africa July 2011

This very light film with a dash of tint was available in a grey and bronze. However, most manufacturers no longer make Bronze 70 as there is no market for it. This product once applied to glass, is virtually invisible from interior and exterior. However, it still blocks out 99% of the ultra violet radiation, protecting fabrics and furnishings from fading

70% non reflective will stop 30% glare and 20% solar energy. It is not an ideal film where one has a huge heat build up or glare problem in rooms. This film is mainly used in homes where consumers want the windows to look as clear as possible

Non reflective films come with a scratch resistant coating which keeps the film looking new, even after much wear and tear and washing. Non reflective films have a pressure sensitive adhesion which holds the glass together should it be broken for any reason.

Non reflective films are manufactured by taking a regular clear polyester film and fusing colour into it by a dipping and impregnating method.


Performance Data of 70% Non Reflective

Total solar energy transmitted 75%
Total solar energy reflected 9%
Total solar energy absorbed 16%
Visible light transmitted 73%
Visible light reflected 8%
Winter U value 1.15
Ultra violet light transmitted 1%
Total solar energy rejected 20%
Shading co-efficient .91

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Museum film in a 70% density offers the most UV protection you can get out of a Window film and tinting product.It reduces the fading of carpets and furnishings saving on replacement in the long run.

Klingshield's muesum window film


The 70% museum window film and tinting,from Klingshield,also has other benefits.It reduces heat and glare and the fading of interiors.The 70% museum film,besides shielding the sunlight,also helps to hold shattered glass in place in the event of an accident.anti ultra violet light and tinting from Klingshield


The good news is that the museum film also stops 99% of UV light,which is an early age risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging.South Africa has a high rate of skin cancer each year.Skin does not come with a lifetime guarantee,however the UV shield does.You can reduce the odds of getting skin cancer by fitting the museum film to your windows in your office,home or car.
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